Fall Pool Renovations with Elite Pools

Luxury Pool Renovations

While many luxury pool owners are disappointed that the summer season has come to a close, that doesn’t mean they should ignore their pool altogether. Fall is the perfect time to dive into pool renovations for your luxury pool. This allows you plenty of time to have the renovations planned and completed, which means more time to enjoy your pool once the summer season arrives again.

When taking on a pool renovation project, you make a shortlist of what you really need from the pool renovation project. It is important to make a list on pool renovations because you can ensure that you’ll get what you need done rather than undergo pool renovations off of desire. Remember, no matter how large or small your pool renovation project may be, you will have a limited budget for your pool renovations.

If you know what to prioritize for your pool project, you will not make the mistake of confusing desire with need. A pool contractor can help you prioritize your needs over desire. The priority list could range from 3 to 20+ pool renovation items.

All pool renovation items should have a estimated cost for each phase to ensure you keep within your budget.

When you are ready to get your pool renovation project started, you will want a trusted pool company to meet your needs. Elite Pools is here to create the look you want and need for your pool. We will survey your land and lay out a plan to create your vision.

Possible Renovation Projects:

  • Swimming Pool Remodeling
  • Water Line Tile
  • Patio or Deck Creation
  • Waterfall Feature
  • Spa
  • FirePits


You can also view our full list of renovation options from here Swimming Pool Renovations now.

At Elite Pools, we offer over 50 years of experience when performing pool maintenance. Our pools are built and installed to last, so our customers can enjoy their luxury pool instead of worrying about repairs and replacements. All of our pools come with lifetime warranties and complete safe drains. We offer non-chlorine pools, salt pool water as well as chlorine based pools.


To discuss luxury pool installation options, or to ask any questions you may have regarding installation or maintenance, call Elite Pools today at 1-800-277-0254, or visit our contact page. We also offer luxury pool maintenance and installation in the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. areas.

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