• All plumbing is 2”, schedule 40.
  • All pools receive a minimum of two Commercial Grade Skimmers.
  • All pool pumps (main pool pump, cleaner pump and all associated pumps) are the quietest pumps on the market.
  • Two hi-flow returns are included.
  • Anti-Vortex Main-Drains for safety.
  • Never-lube valves with lifetime warranty.
  • All of the plumbing runs are independent, no “tees.”
  • MINIMIZED TURNOVER RATE. Saves the life of the equipment by more than triple the others.
  • Starter kit of chemicals.
  • Rough Grading, at completion of deck.
  • Safety Rope and Floats.
  • Deluxe Hand Skimmer, Vacuum, Pole and Brush.
  • Standard Time Clock
  • GFCI Protected Courtesy Outlet.
  • Sub-Panel at equipment for future electric.
  • Rain damage at no cost to owners.
  • Pools exceeds APSP building and safety codes.
  • Complete hauling of dirt.
  • 48-hour scheduled warranty work guarantee.
  • All permits are included. (Building, Electric, and Fence)
  • Complete chemical testing kit.
  • Complete electrical bonding of pool, deck, and accessories.
  • Lifetime, structural, plumbing, main-drains and pump warranty.
  • Complete Landscape Design available for every pool.
  • 4-person “Product delivery” team assigned to every project.
  • 500-watt/120v light is included with every pool.
  • Mineral sanitizer included with every pool.
  • Oversized steps when entering and exiting the pool.
  • Pools include hose bib for quick and easy winterization.
  • All necessary inspections coordinated through Elite.
  • Customer-oriented progress payments.
  • 100% customer satisfaction policy.
  • Cleaner line is included.
  • Inspections coordinated in house.
  • Miss Utility response and monitoring.
  • Clean up with trash removal.
Elite Pools builds custom in-ground swimming pools and spas for residential, commercial, institutional and government municipalities. The company spans the Mid-Atlantic to include the Delaware, Maryland, Baltimore Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. pool builder market. Elite pools has experience building very unique projects and can accommodate the customer's wants and needs. Our pools come with lifetime warranties and complete safe drains. Elite Pools also offers non-chlorine/salt pool water in addition to chlorine based pools. Please visit our website to discover more on Baltimore's Pool Builder, Elite Pools.
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