Infinity Edge Pool Design & Installation

The infinity edge pool, or negative edge pool as it are sometimes called, is built to appear as if the water in the pool is disappearing into thin air.

These high-end pools are the embodiment of luxury and carefree elegance. Classy resorts and upscale hotels started the infinity edge trend, and it has spread to the residential market.

An infinity edge pool is challenging to build and requires a great deal of architectural, mechanical, and structural detailing. In addition, an infinity edge pool requires constant upkeep and attention once it is constructed.
Infinity Endless Pool Builders
Fortunately, the talented pool design/build team at Elite Pools has extensive infinity edge pool building experience and will work with you to evaluate your property and determine the safest, most cost-effective place to build the infinity edge pool you’ve always wanted!

After we have made a site visit, our designers and build team work together to create a plan and proposal for your review. Our goal is to present our clients with accurate costs and build times. Infinity edge pools, when correctly designed and installed, turn a backyard into a resort.

Our construction crews take a great degree of care when they are building an infinity edge pool. In addition to making sure the work is properly completed, they are trained to treat your property as if it were their own. Excess building materials are removed in a timely fashion, and crewmembers take extra care when working near your landscaping, bushes, and flowers.

Once the pool is complete, you will be amazed at the impact it has on your property. Your friends and guests will be very impressed with the disappearing waterline and the calming sound created by the falling water. Elite Pools offers a variety of maintenance and cleaning services that will keep your infinity edge pool looking great throughout the summer season!

Click here to set up an appointment with your local Elite Pools infinity edge pool builder for more information on installing and maintaining an infinity pool or negative edge pool. You can also call us at 410-494-SWIM (7946). We are proud to serve the entire Baltimore, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia area!

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