Is Pebble Tec right for my Pool?

Pebble Pool finishes by Baltimore Pool Contractors

Have you been told that Pebble Tec is an excellent  material to use for a pool surface? We are here to offer information on pebble tech to help you decide whether you should apply it to your swimming pool.

What is Pebble Tec

Pebble Tec is a very material used for pool interior finishes. Pool owners use pebble tech because the material helps  naturally beautify a pool while increasing the durability of the pool finish. If you want a sophisticated and elegant interior finish to your pool, pebble tech can offer you that.

When people start a pool construction project, they hope the finished product is a great pool. You cannot have a great pool with a great pool finish.

Pebble Tec can be included in your pool waterfall design, spa, or other water features. The pebble pool finish can range from jet black to sky blue.

Here is a list of great features the pebble pool finish can offer you:

-Stain Resistant Surface.

-Non-Slip Texture

-Low pool maintenance

-Pool design flexibility

The pebble pool finish is key to modernizing any size pool. The pebble tec coating will allow you to rest easy at night knowing your pool surface is in good shape never matter of dry conditions. The average pebble pool finish can last up to 25 years. You do not have to worry about sharp edges injuring swimmers. The pebble pool finish is soft on bare feet and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Watch the video below to learn more about the advantages of Pebble Tec:

Elite Pools is an authorized dealer of Pebble Tec products in Maryland.

Elite Pools is a family owned and operated company. We have  been in business since 1959.Our Elite professionals have over 100 years combined experience. Unlike many other pool builders in Maryland, Virginia or DC,, we believe in the “old fashioned way” in which we do most of the work ourselves. We have established dedicated relationships with our pool subcontractors to create a team atmosphere.

We are proud members of both the Better Business Bureau with an “A+” rating and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

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