Safety main drains are one of the most important pieces you will install on your swimming pool. Ask your pool professional to explain how they work to keep swimmers safe in your pool. Insist on reading the cut sheets, and also talk to the experts. Elite Pools believes to the AVSC main drain to be the safest on the market.

AVSC Drain

  • Engineered to meet the “Unblockable” category (Safest design on the marketplace) as allowed in ANSI/APSP 7 Standard.
  • Get peace of mind with our maximum safety drain that also cleans your pool. This allows you to install one drain instead of two as allowed for in the regular standards.
  • Available in two models, Single & Dual inlet models with flow rates up to 227 GPM.
    • The AVSC Drain allows you to plumb not only one pump, but two pumps if needed to one drain. Think of the Savings!
  • Designed with a flush large opening for debris removal.
    • Most other VGB certified drains are for circulation only. Unlike how the AVSC Drain is “flush” with the finish of the pool, all other debris removal drains extend significantly above the finish. The large opening in the AVSC Drain does allow for even the largest of debris to pass into the drain
  • Engineered with Dual Levels of Protection
    • Unlike other certified drains, the AVSC Drain is designed with its Safety Baffle. This is a second level of protection keeps the swimmer from being able to come into contact with the suction inlet in the event the cover is broken or missing (the cause of most entrapment cases). Safety is our primary concern!
  • NSF International certified to meet the VGB Pool & Spa Safety Act ASME/ANSI 112.19.8a 2008.
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