Luxury Pool Construction Services in Maryland

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There’s no time like the present for pool construction, especially with summer right around the corner.

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, a time when homeowners all across Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic open their pools for the season. For those homeowners without pools, they were left to sit back and watch their neighbors gleefully go for a swim and escape Maryland’s infamous humidity in style. Well, now is your chance to experience the same level of joy as your neighbors. Don’t you deserve happiness? Don’t you deserve a luxurious way to escape the heat and humidity? Don’t you deserve a new pool?

The Benefits of New Pool Construction

There’s no time like the present to begin investing in your home, especially with summer right around the corner. Otherwise, how do you expect to stay cool? You can hide in your air conditioned home or you can enjoy summer in your new luxury pool. The choice is yours.

Pools and spas provide hours of fun and entertainment, but that is just the beginning.

  • For starters, a pool is a great place to entertain or just spend a relaxing evening with your family.
  • A new pool will help also increase your home value by as much as 20%, according to Money Magazine.
  • A new pool makes financial sense. Just think about it. Afamily membership at your community pool can cost upwards of $650 per year. And then you have to consider the cost of gas to get to and from the pool. It adds up quickly. Plus, who wants to share their pool time with hundreds of strangers?
  • Although most people buy pools for the relaxation, they are also great for fitness. Low-impact cardiovascular exercise benefits your heart, lungs and circulation, according to the American Heart Association, who recommends at least 30 minutes several times a week.
  • Of course, the biggest benefit of all is convenience. What could be better than having your own luxury pool just a few steps away? Aaaaaaaah! I already feel more relaxed.
  • And More!

Luxury Pool Construction Services in Maryland

Elite Pools strives to be the Maryland, D.C., and Virginia area’s premier home pool design company, specializing in the design and construction of residential and commercial in-ground pools and spas. We will help you create a custom pool design using our 3D modeling software program, ensuring your swimming pool dreams become reality. We specialize in a wide variety of pools, including:

·         Vanishing Edge Pools

·         Free Form Pools

·         Interactive Play Pool Features

·         Water Features and Rocks

·         Walk In Pools

·         Lap Pools

·         Diving Pools

·         Spas

·         Pebble Tec® finishes

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If you have any questions about Luxury Pool Construction in Maryland or wish to schedule an estimate, please contact Elite Pools by calling 1-800-277-0254. Our own in-house licensed pool contractors are ready to answer any questions you may have.

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