Swimming Pool Repair Service

Have you been looking forward to enjoying your pool all winter long, only to find that come summer when you take the cover off, you need swimming pool repair? Whether it is a minor pool liner repair or a problem with your swimming pool equipment, it is no problem for Elite Pools’ swimming pool repair experts.

Our team specializes in a variety of pool repair issues, and we offer year-round maintenance to help keep your backyard oasis looking great and performing well!

Our pool repair services include but are not limited to:

  • Pool Leak Detection
  • Vinyl Pool Liner Repair
  • Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement
  • Pool Filter Tests
  • Pool Filter Repair
  • Pool Filter Replacement
  • Pool Pump Tests
  • Pool Pump Repair
  • Pool Pump Replacement
  • Other Swimming Pool or Spa Equipment Testing, Repair, or Replacement

Sure, all pools lose water at some point, but through evaporation, not through leakage. If your vinyl pool liner has begun to rip and tear (due to pets or wildlife accidentally entering your pool, or simply due to age), we can help. We perform most simple pool liner repairs in just a few hours so that you can get back to enjoying your pool as soon as possible.

Cracking, hollow spots, and chipping in gunite or concrete pools are some of the more common swimming pool repairs that we perform. We can also run diagnostic tests on your pool equipment to expose potentially dangerous electrical problems or correct equipment malfunction. From pool leak detection to complete pool liner replacement and equipment testing, our expert spa and swimming pool repair technicians will treat your pool as if it were their own, giving you the professional service and knowledgeable advice that you’ve come to expect from Elite Pools.

Click here to make an appointment to discuss our swimming pool repair services, including pool liner repair, pool filters, and other swimming pool equipment testing or replacement. Or, call 410-494-SWIM (7946). We proudly serve the entire Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia area.

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