What are the benefits of Non-Chlorine Pools?

The benefits of Non Chlorine Pools

Spring is on the way and it’s time to get started on your pool project. What kind of pool is in popular demand for Spring 2014?

The answer: Non-Chlorine Pools. There are many great benefits a Non-Chlorine Pool can offer you and we are here to give you a great overview.

Why should I have a Non-Chlorine Pool?

A Non-Chlorine Pool can ensure your pool water remains crystal clear after every use, without the use of Chlorine to sanitize your pool. Chlorine is required for traditional pool systems because the chlorine can sanitize the pool but also eliminate pool bacteria and organic waste.

This all sounds great until you realize Chlorine can irritate the eyes, nose and skin of pool users. When you have a Non-Chlorine Pool, you can help reduce the irritation and burning Chlorine can cause to the eyes, nose and skin of pool users. With a Non-Chlorine Pool, your family and friends can enjoy more fun in your pool without burning their eyes or suffering from skin irritation.

How can a Non-Chlorine Pool keep my pool water crystal clear?

Non-Chlorine pool water remains crystal clear after every use because oxidizing organic contaminants have the ability to restore clarity by assisting particles to combine together to make it easier for your pool filter to remove water contaminants. As a result, you will not see any hazing of your pool water.

And the benefits of a Non-Chlorine Pool do not stop there. You won’t have to worry about your pool having a chlorine smell because your Non-Chlorine Pool will remove waste through oxidation and filtration that prevent the chlorine smell before it has the opportunity to start.

You will never have to wait for hours to use your pool with a Non-Chlorine Pool. At the most, it takes only 15 minutes after treatment for your Non-Chlorine Pool to be ready for swimmers.

Your pool surface and bathing suits will stay in top shape because Non-Chlorine Pools have no need for bleach, which is known for fading bathing suits and staining vinyl liners and painted pools.

Chlorine free pools are the safest type of pools for people of all ages because Non-Chlorine Pools reduce allergies, severe asthma symptoms and protect swimmers from organochlorines and hay fever.

To put it simple, a Non-Chlorine Pool will keep your swimmers healthy while helping you maintain a low maintenance pool.

Non-Chlorine Pools are truly the perfect way to go green with your pool.

Elite Pools is here to design and install you a pool that’s safe and easy to manage time and time again. You can have this kind of pool environment by having a Non-Chlorine Pool.

Non-Chlorine Pools use hydrogen peroxide (an oxidizer) and ultra-violet light to keep your pool clean and chlorine free. The combination of hydrogen peroxide and ultra-violet light is just as effective as chlorine for disinfecting pools.

Here at Elite Pools can you  we  build custom in-ground swimming pools and spa for government municipalities and residential/commercial properties in Maryland as well as Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. You can count on us as your pool contractor that truly accommodates your wants and needs.

All of our pools come with lifetime warranties and complete safe drains. We offer non-chlorine pools, salt pool water as well as chlorine based pools.

Elite Pools is a family owned and operated company. We have  been in business since 1959.Our Elite professionals have over 100 years combined experience. Unlike many other pool builders in Maryland, Virginia or DC,, we believe in the “old fashioned way” in which we do most of the work ourselves. We have established dedicated relationships with our pool subcontractors to create a team atmosphere.

We are proud members of both the Better Business Bureau with an “A+” rating and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

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Elite Pools builds custom in-ground swimming pools and spas for residential, commercial, institutional and government municipalities. The company spans the Mid-Atlantic to include the Delaware, Maryland, Baltimore Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. pool builder market. Elite pools has experience building very unique projects and can accommodate the customer's wants and needs. Our pools come with lifetime warranties and complete safe drains. Elite Pools also offers non-chlorine/salt pool water in addition to chlorine based pools. Please visit our website to discover more on Baltimore's Pool Builder, Elite Pools.
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