Your Luxury Pool and Summer Storms

Luxury Pools and Summer Storms

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy and take full advantage of your luxury pool. However, we all know that with summer come summer storms, and sometimes even hurricanes. We know how to protect our home, cars, and even ourselves from upcoming storms, but do we know the best ways to protect our luxury pool?

What You Should Do

  1. Remove unsecured objects from your yard or around your pool prior to the storm if possible. Large objects such as furniture, toys, and other debris could land in your pool during high winds and cause serious damage to your lining and surrounding pool area. This also includes possible overgrown branches from any trees in your immediate area.
  2. Add chemicals and possible algae control products to your pool before a storm or flood. This will help to balance the chemicals in your pool and will eliminate unwanted chemicals and bacteria that enter due to debris and rainwater.
  3. Turn off and cover your pool equipment such as your filters, pumps, and motors. This will eliminate any possible electrical issues that could arise due to a storm as well as protect your equipment from storm debris.

What Should NOT Do

  1. Cover your pool- By putting your off season cover over your pool, you are leaving both your pool and cover vulnerable to damage. The cover can become damaged by large debris and can be blown off in heavy winds. Your cover could also cause damage to your pool equipment during heavy winds or rain.
  2. Remove water- Although you may fear water contamination during a storm, leaving the water in your pool is the best thing for it. By removing water, the inner walls and lining of your pool is left open to damage by falling debris. Your luxury pool also has the potential to pop up from the ground, causing you more damage than contaminated water.

Have a question or concern about protecting your luxury pool from a summer storm? Call Elite Pools! We have been serving the Maryland area for years when it comes to luxury pool installation, repair, and maintenance.

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