10 Things to Consider before building Your First Pool

There are so many reasons to consider building your first pool perhaps you’re thinking of taking up swimming as an exercise or you’re looking to add value to your property. No matter what your reason, you may not know how to get started. There are many things to consider, and where you live will determine what kind of pool you can successfully build. Before you take the plunge into building your first pool, here are ten things to consider as a custom pool builder.

1. Cost

What are you building a pool there can be so many aspects that it can be overwhelming for your first time. The easiest way to organize your thoughts, want,s and needs wedding building a swimming pool is to make a budget and allocate how much money you can dedicate to the project overall and how you want to disperse that money among the tasks that you need to complete.

Never go with the first option here. Compare prices and the pros and cons of certain building materials or types of pools. Remember that you can save thousands of dollars on materials but maintenance and longevity are important in budgeting. For example,e a concrete pool will be a lot more expensive than a fiberglass pool, but concrete is better for the environment and will last longer.

2. Location

Several things to consider about local locations, including climate, whether you want an indoor or outdoor pool, an above-ground or below-ground pool, and where on your property you want the pool to be. You have to allocate enough space for all the construction materials, and there needs to be proper underground space for a below-ground pool.

Also, consider how much wildlife and fauna you’ll be disturbing with construction. Consider a more open flat area of land and earth-friendly materials. You can always ask a contractor for advice on where to begin your pool’s construction and how to best accommodate your location.

Try to find a balance between your vision and what is attainable.

3. Type of Pool

Different pools require completely different construction processes. For example, you must decide if you want to put the pool above or below ground. Those are entirely different processes with different building materials.

4. Size

Is your pool only for a family of one or two, or will it be used for large gatherings and parties the size of your pool will determine how big the area you need to reserve will be good in more metropolitan areas; you could probably get away with a smaller pool easier than you can a larger one?

5. Cosmetics

Consider the aesthetic of your backyard and try to work in the design of the pool with that I location of your pool with a side of the view from the pool as well as how to Paul books with you you’re the landscaping you can also personalize your pool with different colors and shapes.

6. Construction Materials

The three main types of underground pools are vinyl fiberglass and concrete. Each of these construction materials has different frozen cons, so make sure that you do your research before deciding to build a qualified pool expert will be able to give you advice on the option most suited for your needs and wants

7. Zoning laws

possible that even before you start your project, we can come to a fault because of zoning laws, so before you break ground, make sure that you are building a pool but abide by the zoning ordinances for pools in your area, especially in cities there are strict maintenance and liability laws that are hard to work around

8. Special Features

A pool area is more than just the pool. There are all kinds of amenities that you can add if you feel the need, such as a hot tub or a fire pit or a waterslide and more don’t forget about lighting and sound features; oh, automatic pool safety covers will also keep your pool safe from harsh weather and debris.

9. Find Good Contractors

The contractor you hire to build your pool can make or break your project. Any big project can have major setbacks or unforeseen costs. Contractors should work with you to find an acceptable cost and prioritize the safety of your family and property.

Hire a reliable pool company you trust to make the best choices for your home and family at elite pools. We care about your needs and want to see the vision of your first pool come to life.

10. Consider Pool Maintenance 

Every type of pool requires a different set of responsibilities to maintain the structural integrity of the swimming pool; these tasks include energy efficiency filtration, skimmers cleaning pool pumps, chlorine, and other tasks you may have to consider more expensive maintenance or less earth-friendly choices.

Elite and Pools, we recommend annual routine maintenance to keep your cool it’s the cleanest and healthiest condition. A proper annual pool maintenance servicing will include all of the above tasks plus more.

Call Elite Pools in Baltimore today.

Building a custom pool for the first time can be exciting unless you don’t have the right contracting company. Elite Pools can help bring your vision to life. Contact us today to talk to a real licensed and insured contractor about building your first pool.

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