7 Things To Look for When Choosing a Swimming Pool Contractor

Pools are undoubtedly one upgrade that adds considerable value to your home. Because of the price tag on adding a custom pool installation or upgrading an existing pool, choosing a pool contractor can be a daunting task. With so many options, how do you know you’ll get the best return on your investment? Below are some helpful aspects to consider when choosing a swimming pool contractor in Rosedale, MD.

What Should You Look for in a Swimming Pool Contractor?

#1-  The Service You Need

Learn what you should and should not expect from the contractor, as well as approximate timelines and prices for  swimming pool installation. There are countless options to choose from.

Before you select a company to take on a large project, it is important that you familiarize yourself with terminology, pricing, pool sizes,and types of pools. Research all of the prospective companies to find out if they have the services you need. You don’t want to hire someone who specializes in above ground pools to install an inground pool.

#2- Customer References

In this day and age, there are countless opportunities to speak with individuals who had a pool installed or revamped. Most of the time, they are willing to share their pictures and experiences. Another valuable resource is your friend and family.  By asking friends and family about their experiences with their own pool contractors, you can get insight into your local options.

The internet is also a great resource. If you don’t know anyone who has first-hand experience with a pool installation, you can check social media. Post in your local Facebook group or search Instagram for posts about pool installations. Although you can’t trust everything you read online, you can learn about your choices.

#3- Contractor Experience

Everyone has to start somewhere, but there will always be some companies that hold their work to a higher standard. Select residential in-ground pool builders who have been in the industry consistently.

By doing this, you ensure that they are familiar with industry standards and take pride in building a custom pool. This usually translates to a great result for you. You can ask the company about their experience or research the age of the company.

#4-  Warranty on Workmanship

Most companies offer warranties for at least one year after the installation, but that timeline varies. However, issues like plumbing leaks and structural issues from workmanship mistakes don’t usually reveal themselves in the first year.

Before you hire a company, be sure to research their warranty and the specific terms. If you work with a reputable company, they should be willing and eager to talk about their warranties. Read the fine print in the contract so you know what you’re getting into.

#5-  The Four R’s

Research Ratings, Reviews, and Reputation! One of the best methods of gathering information is to read the reviews past customers leave for the company.

How does that company respond to those reviews? Are they friendly and conciliatory, even in the face of bad reviews? Do they offer to make it right, if a customer isn’t pleased, and how do they handle belligerent customers?

When you read reviews, you shouldn’t take everything at face value. Some people leave good reviews because they’re friends with the owner, or they could leave bad reviews because of a personal issue. Look for general trends in the reviews to weed out false opinions.

#6-  Check their Paperwork

You should only work with licensed and insured contractors. If they aren’t licensed and insured, you could be liable for an on-the-job injury. Most reputable companies list their status online, but you can also call them to ask about their current status.

After you call, you can look online to verify the information. Most counties offer online databases that have all of the licensed installers. You should also check your regulatory laws for your area regarding pool contractors.

#7- Be on the Same Page

It is imperative that you and your contractor are on the same page with regards to your pool design. If your contractor tries to change too much or doesn’t seem receptive to your feedback, look for someone else.

A good custom pool-builder, while professional, is not a mind-reader.  They can make suggestions as far as infrastructure and past jobs they’ve done. However, only you know what you actually want, so it’s up to you to communicate the ideas clearly.

Long before you hire someone, make sure they have good communication skills. Make sure the person who answers the phone listens to what you have to say and communicates well.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I Wish I Knew Before building a pool?

Before you get a pool, you should sit down and think about your needs and wants. Is your land capable of sustaining a pool? Does it have a slope? Have you had a soil sample taken? Will pets be enjoying your pool? What do your loan and financing options look like? These are examples of concepts you should familiarize yourself with prior to building a pool. The process takes time and research, so don’t rush into it.

How much value does a pool add to a house?

According to some sources, a pool addition can add anywhere from $11,591 to $95,393 of additional value to your home. This is true of concrete in-ground pool installation, and not as valid for other types of pool. Having a pool can also boost your rental rates, if you choose to rent out that home eventually to tenants or travelers. In the end, your pool can become an asset.

Building a custom pool can be a headache if you don’t have the right company. But it can be a breeze with the proper contractor by your side. If you are looking for a licensed and insured swimming pool contractor with a long history of fair pricing, expertise, and quality work, contact our office in Rosedale, MD. Let Elite Pools help bring your vision to life.

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