Geometric Design

A geometric pool design is a very modern design choice, ranging from simple rectangles to a pool shape with 8 or more sides. This features sharp edges that allow for a finish of a clean perfect finish.

Freeform Design

A freeform pool design is exactly that: free-flowing. This pool shape generally lacks any defined corners, and oftentimes is made to look like a natural water formation.

Drone Videos

Experience various different pool designs from a new angle. New technology allows for a new experience seeing your visions come alive from the air.

Luxury Backards

At Elite Pools, we have the honor of bringing to life some highly creative and ambitious backyards. Explore some of the most luxury backyards in Maryland.

Custom Features

No matter what pool design works best in your backyard, you can enhance it with custom water features, including water fountains, rock grottos, slides, fire features, and much more.

Digital Design

Before you start your project, one of our designers will design your dream backyard for you. You can explore these designs in virtual reality, walking through your future backyard!

Ready to transform your backyard?