Work With The Best Custom Inground Pool Builders

When you want to enhance your home or commercial property by adding a pool, consider an in-ground pool. These pools are among the most popular types of swimming pools, with property owners preferring the permanent investment of in-ground pools to the often temporary, and sometimes unsightly, above-ground pool.

Elite Pools is your local area in-ground pool builder, here to help you create the pool of your dreams! Choose from any one of the many in-ground swimming pool options below:
Custom In Ground Pools
Freeform Pool
Freeform pools can be atypical, lagoon-shaped in-ground pools, or they can be shaped like a kidney bean and feature a rock formation and waterfall. The goal of this type of in-ground swimming pool is to provide hours of watery fun while also enhancing the overall landscape design of your outdoor space. They may or may not have a shallow end, depending on your specifications.

Play Pool
As in-ground pools go, play pools have “family fun” written all over them! They are the most common type of in-ground pools you will see installed in residential properties. With a shallow end and a basin reaching a maximum depth of approximately five feet, play pools are geared to families with small children, who can enjoy the deeper water as they grow older.

Lap Pool
The perfect in-ground pool for the competitive swimming enthusiast, lap pools are designed to be long and narrow to make it easier to swim laps. Common among sporting families and athletes, this kind of in-ground pool must be wide enough for one or more swimmers to not hit the side while swimming. A minimum of 6′ x 45′ is recommended.

Diving Pool
These in-ground pools are deeper than most, reaching depths of at least eight feet, with a diving board on one end. Perfect for high school athletes, competitive swimmers, or anyone who just likes a good, old-fashioned, summertime cannonball every once in a while, diving pools are an excellent in-ground pool choice.

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Elite Pools builds custom in-ground swimming pools and spas for residential, commercial, institutional and government municipalities. The company spans the Mid-Atlantic to include the Delaware, Maryland, Baltimore Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. pool builder market. Elite pools has experience building very unique projects and can accommodate the customer's wants and needs. Our pools come with lifetime warranties and complete safe drains. Elite Pools also offers non-chlorine/salt pool water in addition to chlorine based pools. Please visit our website to discover more on Baltimore's Pool Builder, Elite Pools.
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