Pool Construction Process

Four Seasons Baltimore Pool

Building your pool

Step 1 – Pre-processing

All of the plans and legal documents are checked and verified. The pre-site and engineering equipment/products are ordered.

Step 2 – Permitting

Your permit is prepared and submitted to your county. The time this takes will vary depending on the city/county.

Step 3 – Virtual Reality Design

The crew will put all of your information into the computer and work on creating your own virtual reality oasis. This also allows for all of the information such as measurements/ last-minute design changes to be seen by the crew.

Step 4 – Final Processing

This is where all of the pre-grade is ordered and if there is anything that is already in the backyard would be removed to start renovating and digging.

Step 5 – Layout

On your property, Elite Pools will put a painted layout of exactly where your pool will go.

Step 6 – Excavation

This is where things might get dirty! The excavator arrives and digs up the dirt where your new pool will be.

Step 7 – Equipment and plumbing

Your pool equipment and plumbing will be installed at this point.

Step 8 – Steel

After Phase 7, steel rebar with spacers are installed to create the structure for your pool.

Step 9 – Electric

The electric wiring is then installed with all the necessary precautions.

Step 10 – Pre-gunite inspection

Before we can progress to the next stage, a city inspection is scheduled.

Step 11 – Shotcrete

Once the inspection is passed, concrete is installed to the pool’s interior.

Step 12 – Waterfall and boulders

If the pool owner wants, waterfalls and boulders would be added at this time.


At this time, decking and pavers can be installed.

Step 14 – Tile

Waterline tile is installed now.

Step 15 – Clean Up

The debris all in your backyard will be cleaned up and looking brand new with a new pool.

Step 16 – Fencing

Fencing will be put around your yard if desired.

Step 17 – Acrylic (if desired)

If your pool’s design is applicable, acrylic material will be added to the decking, allowing 24 hours to cure.


In order to ensure that all barrier requirements are completed, a city inspection needs to happen with you, the homeowner, to be present.

Step 19 – Interior finish

This is when the interior design is finally finished and we can start to fill your pool with water.


A start-up technician will then start up all of your equipment, they will also install a suction cleaner and add all of the necessary chemicals to help keep your pool perfect.


This is when you are practically done with the pool building process!

Ready to transform your backyard?