General FAQ

Do you build many diving pools, or are they mainly play pools?

These days, play pools are the most popular types of pools. We can still construct diving pools, but they are generally more expensive and must follow several guidelines for safety reasons.

For those who are interested in a diving pool, there are now many options beyond an actual diving board, including jump boards and diving rocks built into the surrounding landscape or a waterfall.

How can I create shade around my pool?

There are several different options for getting shade around your pool. Of course, the most economical solution is smart placement of your pool. Other solutions include umbrellas, pergolas or other shade structures, or shade sails that attach to poles anchored in your yard or your patio and that stretch across areas that need protection from the sun. Shade trees are also an option, but you must consider how much they may litter in your pool and the how the root system may eventually interfere with your pool structure. Always check with a landscaper before placing any living plant around your pool.

What elements would you suggest if we want to use our pool to swim laps?

If you’d like to establish swim lanes, we would suggest tile lane markers. You may also want to consider actual lane dividers or buoys.

If you simply want to swim against a current, we suggest installing swim jets.

What elements would you recommend if we want to host lots of pool parties?

There are so many options! Within the pool itself, consider places where people can congregate, such as tables, spas, swim-up bars, or a large shelf step. With lots of kids (or not), you may also want to consider something like a grotto slide with a waterfall cave, which has a bench within it.

Outside of the pool, you’ll want plenty of deck space so that everyone can remain safe. Also, you may want to consider misters to keep everyone cool.

Can I customize the bottom of my pool?

Of course! Just about anything can be made out of tile. There are certain predefined mosaics available. Custom designs can also be created. We’ve had customers put college and professional sports logos at the bottom of their pools, as well as animals and other beautiful designs.

What about my backyard could prevent me from using a particular design idea?

Particular designs can usually be customized to fit your yard. However, size, access, city requirements, HOA requirements (particularly in regards to water features), and utility lines must be assessed before solidifying your design.

Do I need a pool cover?

You may want to consider a pool cover for several reasons. If you have concerns about someone falling in the pool when it is not in use and/or unattended, a pool cover can create a safety barrier (although it should not be the only barrier between people and your pool). Others employ a pool cover to block blowing dirt and debris, particularly in areas with nearby open fields. Pool covers can also help to keep heat in the pool when using heaters or heat pumps for year-round swimming.

What are pool cover options?

Covers range from an automatically retractable, heavy duty cover to an inexpensive solar bubble cover that can be placed on the surface of the pool. Trying to keep a pool warm in the winter without at least a bubble cover is not only costly, but can be impossible if an electric heat pump is the heating source.

Are pool covers safe around kids?

There are certain covers and even nets that can be used for safety around kids. Your pool professional will be able to give you any information about the safety features of a particular pool cover. Some jurisdictions consider a pool cover as partially fulfilling the outlined barrier requirements, but each city is different in what they consider an adequate barrier for the pool.

Can I add a spa to my pool in the future?

Provided there is enough available space for the body of water and associated equipment, a spa can be added to an existing pool, but it can be quite expensive.

Can I add a water feature to my pool in the future?

Depending on the type of water feature, some can be added after a pool is built, but it can be expensive. Price will be dependent on necessary construction and plumbing modifications, in addition to the components of the feature itself.

Where does my pool pump go? Can I hide it somewhere in the yard?

Many people build screen walls to hide equipment or hide it with landscaping, large waterfalls, etc. Pool equipment is strategically placed for functionality, accessibility and aesthetics. The larger the distance between the pool and its equipment, the more costly installation will generally be. A larger distance may also make the equipment a little less efficient.

Where do you suggest I put a basketball sleeve?

Place your basketball sleeve in an area that is away from steps and benches, and at an accessible depth for an average-height person. Also consider what will be behind the basketball sleeve. A poorly placed basketball sleeve can result in your basketball ending up in your neighbor’s yard.

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