Causes and Clean Up of Green Water


During the summer season, your luxury pool will probably see a lot of activity. If your pool is actively used, the chance of seeing green water is reduced. However, even during the summer months, green water is always a possibility with your luxury pool. Here are some of the reasons why pool water may turn green:


  1. Stagnant Water- Water that hasn’t moved for some time will become a breeding ground for algae and bacteria, causing green water.
  2. Weather- The summer months are famous for having humid and hot weather, which helps to bacteria and algae grow.
  3. Broken Filtration System- A pool’s filtration system is its first line of defense against algae build up. If something becomes clogged or broken in the system, green water will become visible due to debris, bacteria, and algae.
  4. pH Balance- Too much or too little chlorine present in pool water will allow different bacteria or algae to grow in your pool and atop the pool water.


There are plenty of ways to prevent and clean green water in your luxury pool. If you plan on leaving for vacation, consider having a friend come over to run your pool filter to keep the water moving. This will help prevent algae growth while you are away from your home. Be sure to actively clean your luxury pool with a vacuum or net to remove debris from the water. Cleaning your pool filter will help prevent clogs and problems with your filtration system. If green water is already present, consider a chlorine shock for your pool water that includes calcium hypochlorite.


Elite Pools is here to help you when green water is present in your luxury pool. We specialize in a number of pool maintenance services including:


  1. Tile Cleaning
  2. Motor Replacement/Repair
  3. Filter Replacement
  4. Pool Vacuum Rebuilding
  5. Liner Replacement
  6. Floor Repair


To get started with Elite Pools for either luxury pool maintenance or installation, call us today at 1-800-277-0254, or visit our contact page.


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