Child Safety for Luxury Pools

With summer in full swing, you and your family are probably spending a lot of your time by the pool. And who can blame you? A luxury pool by Elite Pools is the perfect place to be during these hot, sunny months. But while poolside fun and games are going on, you need to be sure that your children are safe as well. Elite Pools is here to help with its list of top safety tips for your luxury pool.


One of the easiest ways to look out for your child’s safety is to supervise them while they are swimming. This shouldn’t be too difficult; you’ll be out there enjoying the sun anyway! Keep your eye on your children and make sure that they stay away from drains, filters, or any other openings in the your luxury pool that they could get a hand or foot stuck in.

Swimming lessons

Learning how to swim is the best way to avoid a pool-related accident! If your children know how to swim, their chance of drowning significantly decreases. Make sure that children who are old enough know the basics of swimming, and that any younger children are properly equipped with water wings or another kind of floatation device that will prevent them from putting their head below water.

Sideline Safety

There are a few things you should always keep on hand when you and your family are swimming in your luxury pool. Have a cell phone near by in case you should need to call for help, and also keep a first aid kit packed and ready by the poolside. In addition to the standard first aid kit components, your poolside one should include a pair of scissors in case you need to cut a pool cover, net, swim suit, or hair.

Luxury pool safety is easy with the help of Elite Pools! Have more questions? Give us a call today.

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