Choosing your Luxury Pool Cover

December has finally arrived, which means homeowners are thinking about the holiday season and the constant threat of winter weather. As you long for the warmer days of summer spent lounging in your luxury pool, it’s important that homeowners provide proper protection for their pull during the offseason. After you have cleaned your luxury pool one final time, most homeowners decide to use a pool cover to provide protection during the colder months. There are two more popular types of luxury pool covers that homeowners can chose from, mesh or solid vinyl, however making the decision can be a hard one. Here is more information about each cover to help make your decision a little easier.


Mesh Luxury Pool Cover

  • A mesh luxury pool cover will usually outlast the life of a vinyl cover for your luxury pool.
  • A mesh cover will typically cost less to purchase than a vinyl cover.
  • The lightweight nature of the material allows covering your luxury pool to be only a one person job. With solid vinyl covers, one person is unable to cover or uncover the pool when needed, making the task more like a chore, and at time inconvenient.
  • A mesh luxury pool cover does not require maintenance from homeowners during the colder months because of its lack of a water pump.
  • A pump isn’t needed with mesh covers because the water of the pool is able to move freely through, which saves homeowners money.


Solid Vinyl Luxury Pool Cover

  • A solid vinyl luxury pool cover protects your pool from fallen debris during the offseason. This means your pool water will be free of twigs, bugs, and leaves when you reopen in the spring. This also helps prevent damage to your pool walls and liners.
  • A solid vinyl luxury pool cover also protects your water from sun exposure. This helps prevent mold growth during the offseason while also preventing the color from fading along your luxury pool liner.


At Elite Pools, we offer over 50 years of experience when performing pool maintenance. Our pools are built and installed to last, so our customers can enjoy their luxury pool instead of worrying about repairs and replacements.

To potential luxury pool cover options, or to ask any questions you may have regarding installation or maintenance, call Elite Pools today at 1-800-277-0254, or visit our contact page. We also offer luxury pool maintenance and installation in the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. areas.

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