Common Luxury Pool Repairs

Luxury Pool RepairsWhen you own a luxury pool, repairs are inevitable. It helps to be prepared for when the repairs are needed, so knowing what to expect can come in handy. When you have invested in a luxury pool for your home, you want to get the most out of it. Here are some common pool repairs that you can look forward to down the road:

  1. Vinyl Liner Repairs- Liners in your luxury pools are prone to damage over time. Changing temperatures can cause the liner to contract and expand which then leads to gaps and sagging. Keep an eye on your liner and take action as soon as you see a change. Occasionally, just moving the liner back into place will fix the problem. Liners are also vulnerable to holes, so avoid the use of any sharp objects within your pool.
  2. Filtering System and Pump Repairs- Your pumping and filtering systems are critical to the maintenance of your custom pool. The best way to prevent damage to your systems is to invest in a high quality pump. Be aware of the moving parts within your system that can wear out over time. Frequently check your pump and filtering system for cracks, leaks, and excessive or loud noise; these are sure signs of damage and need to be addressed by a professional immediately to keep your luxury pool operating correctly.
  3. Plumbing Repairs- Luxury pools will require underground plumbing to allow water to flow from the pump and skimmer. The plumbing tends to come apart at the joints after time and can become clogged. New techniques are being discovered to fix underground plumbing without excavating, which help save you money.

At Elite Pools, we are trained to handle all of your luxury pool repair needs. We know the last thing you want after a long, harsh winter is to find your pool needing repairs. Give us a call at the first sign of trouble so one of our specialists can make the repairs. Elite Pools has been serving the Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia areas since 1959. Family operated and owned, you can rest easy knowing your luxury pool is being serviced by capable hands that know how serious of an investment your custom pool is.

To discuss pool repairs or to receive a free estimate for a new luxury pool, call Elite Pools at 1(800)-277-0254 or visit our contact page. Follow Elite Pools today on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.



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