All About Concrete Pools

As you begin to consider your new luxury pool for installation, it is important to do your research on which pool style that is best for your home. Concrete pools are always an excellent choice for a new luxury pool, with several benefits in store. If you are thinking about concrete pools, it’s important to learn about benefits and maintenance.

Benefits of Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are excellent for those who need a large or oddly shaped luxury pools. Concrete pools are the only type of luxury pools that can be customized to fit any shaped yard. This also means the pool can be made as large and deep as necessary. Concrete pools are also very durable and can last longer than other luxury pool styles. Concrete pools are not vulnerable to tears and cracks that are normally associated with vinyl and fiberglass pools.

Maintenance for Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are normally lined with either tiles or a concrete lining. When you choose a concrete lining, maintenance typically includes a strong brush to remove any algae or dirt that happens to build at the bottom of your concrete pool. Once you have removed the material from your lining, it can be easily removed from the water with a pool vacuum. If you have a tile lining in your pool, a simple tile cleaner can be used to remove any dirt or algae build up. Concrete pools are easiest to clean because of their stability once drained of all water, making maintenance easy and stress-free. It is not recommended that concrete pools be cleaned with a power washer, because the pressure could disrupt the base of the pool. If you choose an acid wash to clean your concrete pool, look to a pool maintenance professional such as Elite Pools. This will ensure your concrete pool cleaning is performed correctly without causing any damage to your pool.


At Elite Pools, we offer over 50 years of experience when performing pool maintenance. Our pools are built and installed to last, so our customers can enjoy their luxury pool instead of worrying about repairs and replacements.

To potential luxury pool cover options, or to ask any questions you may have regarding installation or maintenance, call Elite Pools today at 1-800-277-0254, or visit our contact page. We also offer luxury pool maintenance and installation in the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. areas.

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