The Fiberglass Pool Future

As more homeowners begin their search for a luxury pool, the fiberglass pool option is gaining more steam and popularity. While there are still some problems found with the fiberglass pool, luxury pool experts are confident that the future of the fiberglass pool is a bright one.

There are three main discrepancies that come with choosing a fiberglass pool. One of the discrepancies with a fiberglass pool is the size you choose to make your pool. A larger pool would require large equipment to have it installed in your backyard. Another discrepancy with a fiberglass pool is the mold. If you want stairs on a particular side of your pool, or want another feature added, a whole new mold must be created in order to make the pool frame. The final upset about a fiberglass pool is the price for the frame in comparison to its competitor frames.

However, pool experts feel that each of these issues are being addressed and fixed as the fiberglass pool industry continues to grow. In regards to the transportation of larger frames, more companies are creating frames that can be assembled once they arrive at their destination, making it easier for fiberglass pool frames to be delivered to homes. Companies are also realizing that one mold does not fit all when it comes to a fiberglass pool, which means more molds are being created to help with customization. In regards to the price of the fiberglass pool, experts are quick to point out two important pieces of information. For one, the main cost of a fiberglass pool is in the materials and not the labor for installation, which means in a low priced labor market, a fiberglass pool will actually be less than a concrete pool. They also point out that while a fiberglass pool may cost more initially, they are cheaper to replace and repair in comparison to a concrete pool.

At Elite Pools, we offer over 50 years of experience when performing fiberglass pool installation and maintenance. Our pools are built and installed to last, so our customers can enjoy their luxury pool instead of worrying about repairs and replacements.

To get started with your new fiberglass pool or to ask any questions you may have regarding installation or maintenance, call Elite Pools today at 1-800-277-0254, or visit our contact page. We also offer luxury pool maintenance and installation in the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. areas.

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