Luxury Pool Troubleshooting: Water Color

Last week, we began our luxury pool troubleshooting series that provides pool owners help with commonly found problems. There are a number of different problems that can occur with a luxury pool, especially during the peak of use. Even during the winter months, a luxury pool can experience some problems. It is never too soon to consider the troubleshooting problems you may be faced with once you reopen your luxury pool. This week, we will be focusing on causes for discolored water within your luxury pool.

Brown/Purple Water

This color of pool water is normally caused because of the presence of manganese. Corrosion of your luxury pool equipment or contaminants entering from outside of your pool can typically be blamed for the color. Use a pool vacuum to eliminate the manganese from your luxury pool and clear your water.

Turquoise/Gray Water

This color of water is typically caused by the presence of copper within your luxury pool. This could be due to an outside contaminant or the corrosion of your pool equipment. Use an algaecide to remove the copper from your water and return it to a clear appearance.

Problems with Filter

If you begin to notice your filter system running short cycles or not working at all, it could begin to affect the color of your luxury pool water. When your system begins to malfunction, check your filter for debris along with your filter media. Simple filter maintenance typically eliminates these problems.

Rust/Brownish Red

This color of water normally occurs in a luxury pool because of the presence of iron in your water. Fill water and other contaminants are normally to blame for the presence of iron. Pool owners can remove the iron and clear the water by using a luxury pool vacuum.

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