Summer Pool Maintenance

It’s getting hotter here in Maryland which can only mean one thing; it’s time to start swimming.  The summer months are when your luxury pool sees the most action, providing relief during the next hot and humid months. Aside from the occasional lounging during the day, weekends could host numerous pool parties, adding to the traffic your pool will see. With all of the extra use, pool maintenance for your luxury pool is more important than ever. Preventative maintenance over the next few months will help to prevent any serious issues from occurring with your luxury pool.

Here are some steps you can take to make sure you get the full use out of your luxury pool this summer:

  1. Test your water often to check the chemical balance of your water. Monitoring the chemical balance of your pool water, like the pH level, will help keep your pool clean and functioning.
  2. Add chlorine at least once a week to your pool water. The combination of high heat and extra traffic going in and out of your luxury pool will cause the chlorine to dissipate more quickly than normal.
  3. Your water pump should run for at least 8 hours each night. This will help to remove any debris and particles from your pool while no one is using the pool.
  4. Remove any debris before you enter your luxury pool for the first time. Remove debris such as grass, bugs, and leaves using a skimmer, brush, or vacuum before using your pool to keep your water clean and healthy. Make sure to empty the filter and skimmer basket before use of your pool as well to keep your filters running correctly. If your skimmer or filter baskets become clogged, your water could become cloudy or algae could begin to grow in your pool.

When the summer months come around, you want to get the most use out of your luxury pool from Elite Pools. After having your luxury in ground pool has been installed, allow Elite Pools to help you with your luxury pool maintenance. Elite Pools provide a number of pool maintenance options such as:

  1. Filter Replacement
  2. Tile Cleaning
  3. Liner Replacement
  4. Floor Repair

If you have any questions about luxury pool maintenance, call Elite Pools at (410)-494-7946 or click here now. You can also follow Elite Pools on Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


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