Throwing a Child’s Luxury Pool Party

Summer is the best time to get together with friends around the pool. Throwing a luxury pool party for your kids is a great way for the children to see each other while you catch up with their parents. Choosing a theme for your pool party can make the festivities even better.

  1. Pirate Night- Do you have a mix of boys and girls coming to your party? Have a pirate theme to get the boys involved. Provide bandanas and eye patches for the kids to dress up with and use pool noodles as pirate swords. Hide a “treasure chest” in your yard for the “pirates” to find. Keep decorations black and red and place gold coins throughout the area. Find a skull and crossbow flag to hang near the pool as well.
  2. Hawaii Bound- Transport kids to this tropical state using brightly colored decorations and tiki torches. Encourage kids to dress in bright colors and provide materials for them to make their own leis to wear.
  3. Beach Fun- Recreate the beach along the side of your pool! Use this recipe to create edible sand for kids to play with along the pool. Provide plenty of beach balls to play with and have fun beach towels available if kids forget their own. Use sand and seashells as your decorations.
  4. Movie Time- Is your luxury pool facing the side of your home? Use a white sheet and projector to show movies at night and provide floats and blow-up chairs for kids to float on while watching.

No matter what theme you choose, safety is always important. Find out from parents how well their children can swim. If your luxury pool has a deeper side, have that highlighted with signs and tape. Have children avoid running, especially when near the side of the pool.

At Elite Pools, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of luxury pools for residents in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area. Our professionals are also trained to make repairs to your luxury pool and can also renovate your luxury pool if needed.

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