What are the Advantages of Vanishing Edge Pools?

Do you have a beautiful scenic background for your residential property? You can make it more breath taking by adding a vanishing edge pool to offer you an illusionary effect that you’re headed towards a beautiful landscape.

What are vanishing edge pools?

Vanishing edge pools are pools that give off the illusion that your pool water is cascading over an edge to give your pool a marvelous appearance. Some of the most attractive vanishing edge pools are ones that offer a waterfall view. Vanishing edge pools offer an extra touch of elegance to any size pool.

There’s something very scenic about vanishing edge pools. To have the perfect look for your pool, you need to hire a professional pool contractor that can create the perfect disappearing edge for your pool.

When a vanishing edge pool is designed for your residential property, its rear wall will not have coping to allow the bond beam to be positioned at water level. This will offer you a great background view as our pool water blends in with the foreground view.

The vanishing edge pools are designed to not only offer a sophisticated look, but also enhance the pool experience.

It is the professional pool contractor’s responsibility to identify the best space to position your vanishing edge pool to guarantee the full scenic effect.

The best spaces for vanishing edge pools are ones that offer picturesque settings such as residential properties with views of waterways such as an ocean, lake, urban setting or canyon.

You should have a water view or a space where a slope will give you the illusion you’re diving into the your scenic background. It’s important to hire a professional pool contractor because you want your vanishing edge pool designed and installed right the first time around.

When you hire amateur pool contractors, you can expect problems such as flooding, pool water loss and erosion problems.

To have a vanishing edge pool professionally designed and installed for your property today, hire Elite Pools.

Elite Pools is a family owned and operated company. We have  been in business since 1959.Our Elite professionals have over 100 years combined experience. Unlike many other pool builders in Maryland, Virginia or DC,we believe in the “old fashioned way” in which we do most of the work ourselves. We have established dedicated relationships with our pool subcontractors to create a team atmosphere.

We are proud members of both the Better Business Bureau with an “A+” rating and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

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