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Spring Cleaning and Pool Renovations

Spring Cleaning Pool Renovations

Instead of grabbing your feather duster and vacuum this spring, perhaps Pool Renovations should be at the top of your spring cleaning checklist.

Spring is well underway here in the Mid-Atlantic. The flowers are in bloom, the birds are chirping, and the temperature is finally starting to warm up. And with winter way in the rearview mirror, it is time to start thinking about pool parties and lazy summer days out by your pool. The only problem: your pool needs a little TLC. So instead of grabbing your feather duster and vacuum this spring, perhaps Pool Renovations should be at the top of your spring cleaning checklist.

Spring Cleaning and Pool Renovations

A quality in-ground pool can last for decades…with regular preventive maintenance. Even then, the best pool will not last forever. Eventually, pool renovations are in every pool owner’s future. Sooner or later, every pool needs some major work done, whether it be purely aesthetic (deck resurfacing) or practical (liner replacement). Either way, renovations will need to take place and spring is the perfect time to address such needs. After all, Memorial Day – the time when most homeowners, business owners, and apartment complexes open their pools for the season – is right around the corner.

Do I Need Pool Renovations?

  1. Increased Maintenance Costs: If your pool is not operating as efficiently as possible, it could be increasing your monthly maintenance costs. Pool renovations can help lower maintenance costs and allow you to better enjoy your pool.
  2. Pool Safety Concerns: Safety becomes a major concern with older pools. Pool safety concerns can manifest in several different ways: cracks to the pool deck, equipment issues, pool leaks, and more. Each issue not only puts your friends and family at risk of injury, but puts you at risk for a costly lawsuit.
  3. Pool Age: The longer you put off renovations, the more it will cost you to repair or rebuild.
  4. Pool Materials Are Worn Down: Pool materials, such as the liner or decking, are worn down, or equipment (pump, filter, plumbing) needs an overhaul.

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Common Pool Renovations

·         Deck resurfacing

·         Liner Replacement

·         Pool Cover Replacement

·         Diving Board Replacement or Addition

·         Water Feature Addition

·         Equipment Maintenance and Upgrades

·         Pool Lighting Upgrades

·         And More!

Pool Renovations with Elite Pools

Since 1959, Elite Pools has worked with clients throughout Maryland, Washington, DC, and the Mid-Atlantic region. Our team will work with you to ensure your once beautiful pool is returned to its former glory.

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One of our licensed pool contractors will thoroughly inspect your pool, provide recommendations for renovations, and create an accurate proposal for your review and approval.

If you have any questions about Pool Renovations or wish to schedule an estimate, please contact Elite Pools by calling 1-800-277-0254. Our own in-house licensed pool contractors are ready to answer any questions you may have.

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